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Church of St. Mamas Conservation Project,

Morphou, Cyprus  Photo: W. Remsen


Soli Mosaic Conservation Project; Photo: D. Neal

Photo:  H. Kucucsu


Church of Sts. Peter and Paul; Photo: W. Remsen


Photo:  P. Godeau


SAVE Program projects in Cyprus including the following:

Creation, development, and implementation of the SAVE Historic Conservation Training Program for Professionals. The SAVE Graphic Standards was also produced to guide local architects and designers in architectural documentation techniques.

Conservation Assessment of Museum Spaces, including storage and display environments for archaeological and cultural materials in museums in Famagusta, Morphou, and Kyrenia. This included the long-term installation of digital temperature and relative humidity data loggers.

Creation of a Conservation Library for students and professionals in Cyprus.

Creation of Data Base of the Historic Architectural Heritage of Famagusta.

Conservation of the Byzantine Church of Panagia Perghaminiotissa (c. 1200), Tatlısu/Akanthou.

Conservation of the marble Ottoman Cafer Paşa Water Fountain (c. 1601), Famagusta.

Conservation of a marble Roman sarcophagus (c. 200), at the Venetian Palace, Famagusta.

Conservation of the Bronze Age stone Altar of Pegadhes, including improved site presentation.

Conservation at the Church of St. Mamas (c. 1550), Morphou, including bell tower stabilization, conservation of the Altar, installation of UV window filters, and the installation of new drainage systems.

Cleaning, Documentation and Protection of Mosiacs at the Roman Basilica of Soli (c. 4th century), with the design and installation of a large pedestrian walkway and signage at the ruins, Soli.

Documentation of the Ottoman Kertiki Hamam (c. 1600), Famagusta.

Creation of a Walking Tour Map of the Old City of Famagusta.

Conservation of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul (c. 1360), including cleaning, documentation, and structural conservation in preparation of its adaptive reuse into a museum of stone architectural fragments, Famagusta.

Conservation and Adaptive Reuse of a Historic Olive Mill complex into the ethnographic Olive Mill Museum, village of Büyükkonuk.


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