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New York University Institute of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania Museum, Yale University Archaeological Expedition to Abydos, Egypt

An international team of conservation experts was created, including an architect, a structural engineer, a mud brick conservator, and a photogrammetric team to assess, document and conserve the monumental Second Dynasty Funerary Enclosure of Pharaoh Khasekhemwy (the "Shunet el Zebib", c. 2700 BC) at Abydos, the first capital of ancient Egypt.  Constructed near the tombs of the first pharaohs, the Shunet el Zebib has been called the oldest surviving example of standing, monumental architecture in the world.

CSI-format conservation specifications were prepared, local workmen hired and trained, intervention techniques tested and improved as needed, and the conservation work directed and supervised. 

Funerary Enclosure of Pharaoh Khasekhemwy                                                                                 

Photo: W. Remsen


Photo: Abydos Project


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